Dual channel video 13:29min 2012
Oval Office (Jaakko Pallasvuo / Mikko Gaestel)

»The Vault« is a video installation consisting of two projections that can be placed next to each other or on two walls of a rectangular corner. The work resulted from a collaboration ot the finnish / german artist duo »Oval Office«, Jaakko Pallasvuo and Mikko Gaestel.

It shows a dystopian future, in which human intimacy is merely performed as ritualized processes that uses everyday objects as fetishes and takes place in specially prepared carpet padded rooms. These are part of a big dome that was built as a shelter against the threats of the surrounding nature. The behaviour is a reaction to the lack of intensity the convenient live generates. »Satisfying our needs was easy – the only thing that took a lot of effort was escaping boredom.«

Future Gallery, Berlin